quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2008


In my blog I know I'll have limitations for introducing a whole country, and that is not my intension, certainly, I will post the entries according to my own views. As a start, I leave you a map, for you to locate Portugal in the world context.

That's a 'naked' map, no boarders, I'll tell you the left side is West to the Atlantic, the East side is Spain.

I give you the information as a start, that Portugal has got a short territory but full of contrast, culture, landscapes that go from the west and southern shores to the long flat lands with cork and olive tree fields with parcels of sunnyflowers, wheat and villages with tradition where time is ageless in the south. You can also find mountain green hills in the north.

I won't tell you about the tecnology/modern side that is seen in Portugal, that's a common thing of the developed countries, it doesn't belong to the actractivness of a country, in my opinion the modern side works as good services that everyone has access, such as hospitals, good acomodation in terms of Hotels, mail office, supermarkets, good airports, and public services in general and that you can also find in Portugal.

That's all for the moment, see you!